San Francisco's 

Queen of Vice:

The Strange Career of Abortionist Inez Brown Burns


Is the story of the rise and fall of San Francisco's "abortion queen" and explores rivalry between Inez Burns and the city's newly elected district attorney, Edmund G. "Pat" Brown (father of the present Governor of California).  Brown pledged to clean up the graft-ridden city by exposing the hidden, yet not so secret life of backroom deals, political payoffs, and corrupt city cops. Through the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of Burns, Brown used his success as a stepping stone for his political rise to California's governor's mansion.

"With a novelist's eye for detail and pacing, Lisa Riggin recounts a chapter of San Francisco history that mixes vice and virtue as only the City by the Bay can.... It is a gripping narrative that chronicles America's struggle with an issue that remains a critical political battleground even today." 

Ethan Rarick, author of California Rising: The Life and Times of Pat Brown



"Lisa Riggin has penned an insightful, entertaining, and important book that reads almost like a novel.... A must-read for anyone interested in twentieth-century California history and the slippery relationship between politics, society, and culture."

Kathleen A. Cairns, author of The Case of Rose Bird: Gender, Politics, and the California Courts

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